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There are several ways to get involved with the Advertising Club of Connecticut. You can become a member of our Board of Directors, participate on a committee or help organize or assist at an event.

The Board

The Advertising Club of Connecticut is run by a Board of Directors, Executive Leadership Team, & Admin. The Board consists of people in the advertising community who volunteer their time, resources and ideas to help build and support the Advertising Club of Connecticut. Being on the Board is a way to contribute to the success of the organization and meet other people in the industry.  The Advertising Club of Connecticut values the contributions of the Board Members and works hard to make inclusion in the Board a rewarding and fun experience for all.

Being a member of the Board of Directors is an honor and a commitment. A Board member is expected to conduct him/herself professionally and with integrity, representing the organization with pride.  For a complete picture of the responsibilities of a Board Member, please contact us for our Board Member Position Description.

As a Volunteer or as a Board member, you will be able to shape the look and feel of the organization by participating in development of all of its yearly events. You may choose to be on an Event Committee, a Program Committee or volunteer to help handle some of the day-to-day operational needs of the organization. Below is information about Events, Programming and Committee Work.


The Advertising Club of CT is always looking for new and exciting ideas and programming. If you have ideas you would like to see implemented, please feel free to share them with us (whether you can volunteer on a committee or not).

In the past we have held events such as:

  • Professional Development and Educational Seminars
  • Auctions (in which we raise money for our charities of choice – the Rob Branham Scholarship Fund and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center)
  • Out of Home Competition (choosing a timely cause and providing pro bono billboard work through a competition among creatives in the CT community)
  • Job Fairs (for students, members and non members – offering portfolio reviews, resume reviews all geared toward increasing attendees job seeking skills. We also have had booths where a variety of CT businesses who are seeking employees are there to meet and greet the attendees and accept resumes)
  • Informal Happy Hours and Networking Events – free and held across the state. Please contact us if you are interested in organizing or hosting a networking event.
  • Awards Show
  • Holiday Party

Programs and Organizational Needs

The Advertising Club of Connecticut also has a variety of programming which might be of interest. We are always looking for volunteers to help with some of our organizational needs.

  • Scholarship Program (committee work would include coordination of and dissemination of all information to the public, colleges and universities)
  • Portfolio Reviews (see mention in Job Fair above. Volunteers include creatives, marketing personnel, copywriters)
  • Resume Reviews (see mention in Job Fair above.)
  • College Outreach Program (establishing relationships with and programs for college students to build future members)
  • Internship Program (development and promotion of an Internship Program for our members)
  • E-mail and Website Updates
  • Public Relations (for the Ad Club of CT in general, and also for each specific event)
  • Social Media

Committee Work

As a volunteer or as a Board member. Committee work can be very fulfilling. You may chose the type of work you do on a committee based on your personal skill set. You can also invite any and all members to participate with you on any committee. Some of the duties might include:

  • Event development: Development of the Ad Club of CT yearly events schedule. Plus depending on the type of event: the theme, the subject material, coordinate locations, resource and develop donations of services for the event, budget development
  • Creative concepts, graphic design, design production and coordination of event marketing materials, web and email graphics, and print graphics for certain events
  • Event Public Relations & Social Media

For more information, contact our Executive Director- Toni Ragozzino at admin@adclubct.org or 203.627.2193