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The AD CLUB CT Hall of Fame’s purpose is to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of AD CLUB CT leaders – from their significant contributions to our industry to their personal commitment to society.

As part of our 100 Year Anniversary Celebration in 2013, AD CLUB CT established the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame members have helped raise the standards and level of professionalism in the industry, while inspiring and mentoring future generations, laying the groundwork that encourages us all to strive for excellence.


2019 Inductee: 64th Annual Awards Show

Donna Collins

2018 Inductees: 63rd Annual Awards Show

Alan Maislen

2016 Inductees: 62nd Annual Awards Show

Dik Haddad
Brian Magee
Allied Printing Services, Inc.

2014 Inductees: 60th Annual Awards Show

Bill Cronin
Joe Hoke

2013 Inductees: Inaugural Year At 100-Year Gala

Loretta Berry
Sandi Brangiero
Diane Dawson Brown
Howie Hirsch
Bill Knight
Irene Makiaris
Lynette McCarthy
Jeff Sobeich
The Hartford Courant

Our inaugural class was inducted on Thursday, October 3, 2013, and included past “Persons of the Year.”

Who can be nominated?

Nominations are open to all current and past AD CLUB CT members, and employees of member companies and organizations. The nominated individual must have been a member of AD CLUB CT for at least 5 years. AD CLUB CT members who have passed on may also be nominated. All nominations must be in keeping with the organization’s Mission and Vision.

Nomination Process – Rules & Regulations

All nominations must be in keeping with the Advertising Club of Connecticut’s Mission. Please download and use the AD CLUB CT Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

AD CLUB CT Mission Statement: To promote the highest standards of excellence in advertising and marketing throughout the state, emphasizing professionalism, educational programs and seminars, networking, social media, scholastic mentoring, exchanging of ideas and the recognition of creative excellence.

When nominating an individual, please choose one of the following categories.

  • Advertising Industry Leader
  • Advertising Creative Industry Leader
  • Advertising Media Buyer/Director Industry Leader
  • Public Relations Industry Leader
  • Nonprofit Company/Organization Industry Leader
  • Broadcast Media Industry Leader (TV, radio, production, talent)
  • Print Media Industry Leader (newspaper, magazine, catalogues, production)
  • On Line Media Industry Leader (all web & social media)

The judging panel will be made up of the current AD CLUB CT president, two past presidents and two committee members.

Winners Announcement

Winners will be inducted into AD CLUB CT Hall of Fame at the Annual Award Show.