Beyond Broadcast… Using Data-Driven Strategies to Efficiently Reach TV Audiences

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TV is no longer just a piece of furniture in your parent’s den; it is programming content available on any screen, device or platform wherever and whenever audiences want to watch. 35% to 40% of today‘s TV audiences watch programming streaming or On Demand. Primetime is no longer a daypart; it’s a state of mind. With today’s audiences, it is Primetime all the time.

How do you reach today’s elusive, fragmented TV audience?  We’ll discuss how to FOLLOW THE AUDIENCE and stop limiting what is possible be it by daypart, shows, program type or network.

With today’s audiences consuming more than 10 hours of media a per day on digital devices and more than 22 Million people “cutting the cord” in 2017, businesses need to be able to reach consumers on every screen. Not only has the way people watch television changed, but the way we buy television advertising is changing too… more targeted, more data-driven, more efficient!

Understanding how to effectively use Programmatic Video and Connected TV is a must-have skill to eliminate advertising waste and reach your potential customers that are likely to use your service or product. Learn how to reach only your specific target audiences with the messaging power of video, by leveraging the data-driven targeting and reporting sophistication of digital advertising.

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